Sillysnapz Photo Booth Hire Scotland

With the invention of mobile devices comes the ability to take the infamous “selfie.” While selfies are fun and spontaneous, they lack when it comes to the ability to take high definition photos that can be shared by all. This is precisely why many are turning to the team at SillySnapz to commemorate their special events and bring the life to the party.

SillySnapz is a photo both hire in Scotland, who has a wide range of photo and video options to choose from. This could be anything from standard photo booth strips to multi-person group shots complete with event specific props.

“The informal, yet professional quality of SillySnapz is what makes all the difference. The props and photo booth setup make it feel casual and comfortable but the high quality pics you walk away with are a pleasure to share both in print and electronically.
If an event calls for more than just a photo booth hire, SillySnapz can record short videos in front of a green screen which can later be transformed into the background you desire. This could be anything from your company logo, name of the happy couple getting married, or an exotic location.

Whether you are hosting a party or event for your personal or professional life you are sure to be looking for a way to make it unique. Not only will a photo booth hire do that, but with amazing package deals available with we can also allow you to personalise and customise your party or special event with amenities such as candy floss ,popcorn,slush machines, pick & mix stands and much more!

Reach out to SillySnapz today to see how we can take your upcoming even to an entirely new level!